Autism Advocacy? It’s what we do.

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I decided today to write a list, an explanation if you will on what it means and entails to do what we do.

By we I mean myself and fellow colleague and advocate Fiona Oleary.

It means getting up after having three hours sleep and checking your emails, praying that a media or government body has answered or at least looked at one.

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Autistics Under Siege

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Autistics under siege, the hate epidemic.

It’s the year 2015. I am an Autistic and have autistic children.

To be an Autistic with spectrum children I see and hear both sides ie neurotypical view points on Autism and the view points of those who do not realise I am on the spectrum.

The ones who say sorry when they hear my children are Autistic.

The ones who smile with pity and assure me ‘They can do wonderful things these days with them can’t they?”

The ...

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The Time Is Now.

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An open address to the parents using MMS and GcMAF from the autistic community.

We have individuals selling harmful unscientifically proven concoctions.

 We have vulnerable naïve and gullible parents duped into buying them as they are brainwashed by the message given by organisations like TACA (Treating And Curing Autism),

DAN (Defeat Autism Now) and Autism Speaks.  

They feed the propaganda money making machine that sends the ...

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A Mothers Opinion of Autism Treatments

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An Unqualified Mother’s opinion of Autism Treatments

An Autism diagnosis can be ...

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Intestinal Detachment

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A screenshot of intestinal detachment from a five year old child.

by Emma Dalmayne



Scrolling through my newsfeed I was confronted with this screenshot.

It’s from a social media group full of parents and carers who believe they can ‘heal’ Autism by giving their children Chlorine Dioxide, a water purification agent used to sanitise swimming pools, Jacuzzis and spas. I was once told I could not take my daughter into a hot tub as the ...

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