The Media, The NAS and Parent Bloggers shutdown Autistic voice on Victoria Derbyshire Show

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The media have exposed a horrific report regarding a 4 year old Autistic boy living in the UK.

Emma Dalmayne and I have read the full Case Report issued by the Doctors who treated this child.

This little boy was rushed to hospital with serious life threatening symptoms!

He was on a cocktail of different unregulated, unproven and dangerous products!

All prescribed by a QUACK!

He was on dangerous doses of Calcium Magnesium Citrate, dangerous doses of Vitamin D, Camels Milk, AFP Enzymes, ...

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Proud Autistic!!!

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Eugenics seems like an obvious eventuality

When you have an Autism One mentality

People say nah it’s getting better


But they didn’t see the Autism Speaks campaign

With the missing letter

The letter was I

As if I do not exist


They don’t see what we’re seeing

Don’t hear what we’re hearing


Don’t live what we’re living

Don’t give what we’re giving


The strength it takes to live as we do

Treated as epidemics called lepers

Puzzle pieces blue

Sound the alarms


We will over run your life

Break up your home

Ruin your finances

Take your wife!


Called ...

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Lovaas Applied Behavioural Analysis

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Lovaas Applied Behavioural Analysis

An Autistic View

Therapies are calling themselves ABA in order to get paid by insurance companies that will only fund ABA.

So we have Feeding therapy, Play therapy and Music Therapy masquerading as ABA.

True ABA was invented by Lovaas who believed a harsh repetitive regime would force children to blend in with neurotypical society.

Parents are told as soon as their child is diagnosed as autistic that ...

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On Daniel Smith

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After this news hit the media the reaction has been a mix of jubilation mixed with angst that it was for a short period of time.

The first conviction for the distribution of MMS is regardless a triumph for all who oppose MMS being used as a ‘ Cure’, it’s unscientifically proven, unregulated and is causing pain and suffering to thousands of autistic children and vulnerable adults globally.

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                                                                                  CIV


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A child with a difference may wake every day,

Scripting and rehearsing what they believe they must say,

Maybe rocking,

Then lining up,

Controlling what they can,

As nothing is guaranteed To always go to plan,

They have a list you see,

Of what they expect,

A deviation, Routine change,

Then that list is wrecked,

A child may scatter,

It doesn’t matter,

Again it’s taking control,

That pile in the room,

The shoes,

The book,

The broom,

Are there for a reason,


They mean everything,

Will be alright,

They are solid,

And so they ...

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10 Perks To Your Child With Autism Being Bullied, 24 hours Later Community Uproar

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The more I have pondered the worse it gets.

A well known and up until recently well respected online publication issued an embargo on all submissions relating to MMS GcMAF and autistic mistreatments.

They then have followed up with what can only be described as a hate filled article that could potentially incite violence towards autistics.


What had caused this to occur?

We are none the wiser as hundreds of comments ...

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The Power Of Why.

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You are waiting on a platform for the train and it’s twenty minutes late.

You are anxious and need to get to your destination so you go to the nearest ticket guard and enquire as to WHY it’s late?

A beautiful piece of art sculpture catches your eye in an art gallery, it’s stunning and is made from an unfamiliar material. You are curious, and ask the guide HOW it was made?

A ...

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The Confusion Between Autism and Co Morbid Conditions

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I was asked today by a member in my support group what the differences between autism and learning difficulties are. They had been informed by a well known autism charity that autism is a learning difficulty. This is not the case at all and I felt the need to break down exactly what autism is and how other co morbid conditions that can come with it can be  intertwined with it.

Autism is a communication condition, a ...

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Leonard’s Healing Space.gone

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Leonard’s Healing Space.gone


After continued efforts and reporting to trading standards, exposure in the Mirror newspaper and a BBC regional news special I am pleased to report that after yet another tip off by a member of the public who does not wished to be named to Wix websites it has as of 7th of September been permanently shut down! This is cause of great relief to myself and everyone campaigning to ...

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