What a meltdown feels like for an autistic person.

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It’s never just a sandwich.

As an adult on the spectrum and a mother of children with autism, I am often asked about meltdowns and how they feel. I can tell you how it feels to have a meltdown from my perspective and how to help your child.

When you have a meltdown, it’s as if the world is ending. Everything is too much and you feel like an overwhelming darkness has engulfed your very being. Irrepressible anger that may seem completely ...

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A communicational plea to those with no communicational issues.

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Just to be clear this is not an attack on neurotypical parents, it’s to help them see what we as Autistics can see and face daily in many groups on social media.


Also calling your child Autistic is a recognition of them it’s not a label.


“ My son knows exactly what he’s doing! It’s sheer naughtiness!”


“ My son has Autism but he’s not Autistic it doesn’t define him.”


“ My daughter has  Autism but Autism doesn’t have her!”


“ Despite having Autism….”


“ I’m a ...

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This Is What It Felt Like To Be Bullied as an Autistic child

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This is a fictional tale based on my experiences of being bullied as a child. I have Asperger syndrome.

Her name was Lullaby.

Each day Lullaby woke up and smiled gently as the sun peeked shyly through her rose petal-colored curtains.

Her name was Lilly. 

Each day Lilly would wake up and for maybe ten seconds she would be at ease — until she remembered she had school that day. Then the butterflies in her stomach ...

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How to Satisfy 6 Kinds of Sensory Needs for Kids With Autism

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When it comes to sensory seeking behavior and feedback, what helps my children might help yours, though maybe in different ways.

What are the different kinds of sensory seeking behaviors?

1. Oral: Anything that provides a mouth feel, like chewing, licking and biting.

To help redirect this, there are Chewys and chewlery available online. For children who only choose to chew on material, a clean washcloth or wristband will help.

2. Tactile: Your sense of touch. A child who likes to seek out tactile ...

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GcMAF quack autism treatment – with video

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GcMAF quack autism treatment – with video

blood testGcMAF, I have known about it for a while and autism rights campaigner Fiona Oleary (see video at the bottom of this article) has been extensively campaigning against it for over a year. All I knew of it ...

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It didn’t Matter at All

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By Annette Bragg.

Honey and Tom
Went for a walk.
Honey was small and Tom couldn’t talk.

They wandered through
The forest
Honey chattered non stop
My favourite horse is ainsley
He goes clip clop, clip clop

Tom smiled at honey
And followed along.
He inspected the trees
And the ground they walked on

They walked through the trees
And climbed over a wall
They didn’t notice
Night beginning to fall.

The walked and they walked,
Until honey said
“We’d better ...

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Originally published in The Autism Gazette


In Alfriston Brighton a man called Jim Humble will be attending the Spirit of Health Conference which is now being held at a secret venue only disclosed when you buy a ticket.

You will then be picked up by representatives of his from an undisclosed location and taken to hear of a Miracle Mineral Solution that cures all ills.

This Solution is being falsely touted to cure HIV, Ebola, Cancer, Hepatitis B ...

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Fitting in versus standing out.

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As a child I remember feeling so very different to the other girls. They weren’t interested in insects and animal hospitals. They ran screaming from my pet snail Molly  whom I painted red with white spots.

I would try all day to fit in at school but was bullied constantly. I was the butt of most jokes and gravitated to the other misfits present in my school year.  One  no one would play with  as she smelled of urine and another ...

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