The Media, The NAS and Parent Bloggers shutdown Autistic voice on Victoria Derbyshire Show

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The media have exposed a horrific report regarding a 4 year old Autistic boy living in the UK.

Emma Dalmayne and I have read the full Case Report issued by the Doctors who treated this child.

This little boy was rushed to hospital with serious life threatening symptoms!

He was on a cocktail of different unregulated, unproven and dangerous products!

All prescribed by a QUACK!

He was on dangerous doses of Calcium Magnesium Citrate, dangerous doses of Vitamin D, Camels Milk, AFP Enzymes, ...

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It’s An Âûtism thing I’ll Help you understand it. Now Available…

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It is with great pride and pleasure that we announce the release of Emma’s first book. It is available online from the publisher at the link below. Regular readers will know the insightful and friendly words Emma uses to communicate a powerful and important message of neurodiversity.

As an autistic woman, and mother of 6 autistic kids Emma has the lived experience of both being autistic and parenting autistics. It’s often said ‘if you’ve met one autistic then you’ve met one ...

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No More Darkness

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No More Darkness – Rosemarie Carreiro

I had my light. I remember it well
My light shined ever so brightly
It shined with pride
It shined with acceptance
It shined with love
Every time you looked into my eyes
I saw my light in yours.
Then the darkness arrived
My light was gone.
My light had been taken
I sat in the dark and I waited
Waited for it to be given back
Waited for the right time
Waited for the ...

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A child with a difference may wake every day,

Scripting and rehearsing what they believe they must say,

Maybe rocking,

Then lining up,

Controlling what they can,

As nothing is guaranteed To always go to plan,

They have a list you see,

Of what they expect,

A deviation, Routine change,

Then that list is wrecked,

A child may scatter,

It doesn’t matter,

Again it’s taking control,

That pile in the room,

The shoes,

The book,

The broom,

Are there for a reason,


They mean everything,

Will be alright,

They are solid,

And so they ...

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Aspierations and Autieness Meet up Manchester

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Aspierations and Autieness Meet up Manchester


On Sunday 18th of October from as far as Northumberland, London, North Essex, Birmingham, Newcastle and North Yorkshire members of the Facebook support group Aspierations and Autieness travelled to Manchester to meet at the first Manchester group gathering, held at the Manchester Museum.

Some came up that day others booked hotels especially, including myself as my children would have found the journey to much to undertake ...

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