The Dark Side Of FB ‘Support’ Groups.

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The Dark Side of Advocacy – Bill Appleton

I’m a member of two FB Autism Support groups. One UK based, secret, administrated 24/7 by a dedicated worldwide team, and the other one.

The other one doesn’t have a great reputation in the Autistic Community, being known as “Hell Group” by many, “The Big Group” by some.  I call it The Dark Side. It’s not a nice place if you’re an Autistic Adult with an opinion, an argument or experience ...

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Thinking Of Home Education?

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Thinking Of Home Education?

When I first had my youngest son I had never considered home education. I thought to do it you had to be rich or have some sort of formal training.

It was something that had not even entered my mind, as far as I knew your child had to start nursery, then they had to start school.

That was that.

My son changed all that.

He ...

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Emma in the news – The Mercury

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Supporting those with autism

By Mandy Little

A WOOLWICH mum and campaigner against a controversial “cure” for autism is keen to share her experiences and help support parents in the area.

Emma Dalmayne, who home educates her seven-year-old autistic son and daughter, three, who is yet to be formally diagnosed with the condition, has set up a website with tips ...

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I Didn’t Feel Grief Over My Children’s Autism Diagnoses, but I Did Feel This

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I never experienced grief when my children were diagnosed on the spectrum. I experienced relief, and I experienced anger that I wasn’t listened to sooner. I experienced sadness for the difficulties my son would face, and I experienced panic over how my children would cope when I’m no longer here.

I also felt intense resentment for anyone who asked questions and made statements born of sheer ignorance.

I’m sure you’ve heard a few ...

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Autism and Common Misconceptions.

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Where to start? There are so many I hear regularly.

  1. You can’t be autistic you are to social.

Yes I can be, I am able to enjoy others company as many autistics can. We can enjoy social occasions like parties and cinema trips.

I love concerts and the theatre.

That does not mean however that I do not risk sensory overload in those places which happens frequently.

It does not mean ...

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A child with a difference may wake every day,

Scripting and rehearsing what they believe they must say,

Maybe rocking,

Then lining up,

Controlling what they can,

As nothing is guaranteed To always go to plan,

They have a list you see,

Of what they expect,

A deviation, Routine change,

Then that list is wrecked,

A child may scatter,

It doesn’t matter,

Again it’s taking control,

That pile in the room,

The shoes,

The book,

The broom,

Are there for a reason,


They mean everything,

Will be alright,

They are solid,

And so they ...

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The Kerri Rivera Interview.

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The Kerri Rivera Interview.


Can you tell me how many children have ‘recovered’ on this protocol?

“ 191 as of today … but there are other people doing the protocol and they don’t share the recoveries”.

IMG_7638I decided to contact Kerri Rivera, I said that I am enquiring from a mothers group who’s children have been diagnosed autistic and ...

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10 Perks To Your Child With Autism Being Bullied, 24 hours Later Community Uproar

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The more I have pondered the worse it gets.

A well known and up until recently well respected online publication issued an embargo on all submissions relating to MMS GcMAF and autistic mistreatments.

They then have followed up with what can only be described as a hate filled article that could potentially incite violence towards autistics.


What had caused this to occur?

We are none the wiser as hundreds of comments ...

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10 Perks kids With Autism Get From Bullying,  The Autistic Community’s Response.

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An article published today by autism daily has created a storm of disgust from the autistic community . It states that there are ten perks to being bullied as an autistic child.

The author is an applied behavioural analysis trainer.  

My son was a victim of bullying. It did not ‘ build strength’ or ‘ increase verbal communication with words’.

His speech regressed to the point of having difficulty verbalising at all.

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