Proud Autistic!!!

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Eugenics seems like an obvious eventuality

When you have an Autism One mentality

People say nah it’s getting better


But they didn’t see the Autism Speaks campaign

With the missing letter

The letter was I

As if I do not exist


They don’t see what we’re seeing

Don’t hear what we’re hearing


Don’t live what we’re living

Don’t give what we’re giving


The strength it takes to live as we do

Treated as epidemics called lepers

Puzzle pieces blue

Sound the alarms


We will over run your life

Break up your home

Ruin your finances

Take your wife!


Called ...

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‘It’s An Autism Thing ….I’ll Help You Understand It’

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‘It’s An Autism Thing ….I’ll Help You Understand It’ and why I wrote it.

When I was diagnosed with Aspergers two years ago I felt relieved, jubilant and sad all at the same time.

Relieved because I now knew myself, I could understand so much more about myself. There were a lot of ‘ahh!’ Moments to look back on!

Jubilant because I now knew I wasn’t crazy or a complete misfit, I was part of a neurodiverse community that helped me be proud ...

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Scattering versus lining up.

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Scattering versus lining up.

You’ve hit up the Internet and every book you can read, you are pretty positive your child’s autistic BUT one of the main behaviours always listed in the checklists you’ve seen is lining up.

You have ticked off repetitive play, you’ve realised all the times you thought your child standing in the playhouse at nursery washing up in the sink where there happened to be other children was not playing with them, it was playing alongside them.

It’s quite ...

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Bleacher Raided!!!!

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It is with great pleasure that I have seen a bleacher raided in the last few days. Their supply of MMS has been confiscated and hopefully this will keep her poor child safe, at least over the Christmans period.

This has made The Times. Unfortunately I can only share a screenshot to the story as you need to subscrive to access it on the site.


We ...

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A shutdown in motion

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A shutdown in motion

We often read of the classic autistic shutdown, the feeling of moving through space with no gravity weightless and ungrounded.

The need to sleep and not feel, not be connected to anything is a self defence mechanism that is employed unwillingly by us when there’s to much stimuli and upset around us.

But what does an autistic do when they cannot shutdown?

I often feel a shutdown approaching, a dreamlike state of detachment to my surroundings but if I am ...

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Sex and Âûtism. A Reality Check.

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***content warning*** contains sexual references

Sex and Âûtism. A Reality Check. – By Elinor Broadbent

One of the most common questions I am asked when people find out I am autistic AND I have kids is “but how do you have sex if you don’t like touch?!” Followed closely by the statement “I thought you people didn’t like sex”.

Well dears just like everyone else, some people like sex, some love it and others have no need for it. Yep, we are just ...

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No More Darkness

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No More Darkness – Rosemarie Carreiro

I had my light. I remember it well
My light shined ever so brightly
It shined with pride
It shined with acceptance
It shined with love
Every time you looked into my eyes
I saw my light in yours.
Then the darkness arrived
My light was gone.
My light had been taken
I sat in the dark and I waited
Waited for it to be given back
Waited for the right time
Waited for the ...

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