When a Cashier Went Out of His Way to Help My Child’s Sensory Overload

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To the cashier named Aviv at Tesco Woolwich,

My family and I were having a busy shopping trip. My son who’s autistic was having a difficult time because your store didn’t have the right snacks he wanted. The wrapping was different and he finds change hard.

We had reached the checkout, which you happened to be at, and he experienced a shutdown that was triggered by sensory overload. All the sounds — the freezers buzzing away nearby ...

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5 Reasons I like being Âûtistic

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I am a mother who’s been diagnosed with Asperger’s, and I have autistic children. 

I wrote this account of positives because I believe these are strengths I have. I see too many negatives in the media about autism, so enjoy these positives and see if you recognize yourself or your child.

1. I can hyper focus. I can zero in on every grain of sand as it trickles through my fingers. I see colors brightly and instead of hurrying ...

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Why Parenting Blogs About Autism and Grief Don’t Sit Well With Me

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I am autistic, and I have autistic children — and yes, I get it.

I get that sometimes it can be hard.

I understand that it’s frustrating as a parent not to understand what your child wants, and it can hurt to see your child left out of things by their neurotypical peers.

I used to feel like that. It would sadden me to think that my son couldn’t attend a birthday party without having violent meltdowns ...

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​A Breach Of Trust, An Assault Against Innocence.

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Most of my readers  will now be aware of one of many quack treatments touted to cure Autism.

Miracle Mineral Solution also called CD is short for Chlorine Dioxide, the water purification agent made from Sodium Chlorite and Citric Acid.

A man called Jim Humble decided to market this cleansing bleaching agent as a cure for all ills, and amazingly people bought into the idea. Humble created the Genesis Two Church and has now written several ...

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Anxiety and Autism

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Anxiety and physical symptoms

As an autistic adult I suffer from anxiety if routines are changed and it can manifest with physical symptoms.

Today I was planning for an appointment I had tomorrow, I had arranged childcare and my travel route. I had planned what to wear and what to dress the children in, had sorted out our fares and looked online at google maps to visually see where I was going so I was mentally prepared.

I decided to ring up as ...

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Autistics Under Siege

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Autistics under siege, the hate epidemic.

It’s the year 2015. I am an Autistic and have autistic children.

To be an Autistic with spectrum children I see and hear both sides ie neurotypical view points on Autism and the view points of those who do not realise I am on the spectrum.

The ones who say sorry when they hear my children are Autistic.

The ones who smile with pity and assure me ‘They can do wonderful things these days with them can’t they?”

The ...

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My neurodiverse identity

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I wake up every morning, I wake up autistic.

I wake in a world alien to me where my only allies are other autistics, professionals seem to strive to understand me. The majority fail.

The charities professing to care, many seek to find a cure for me and eradicate me.

They source for funding for treatments, treatments for what?

We treat illness, we attempt to heal injury and we aim to heal disease.

We are none of these!!

Why are we ...

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What is the latest on Sharisa Kochmeister? an update interview with her father

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Sharisa Kochmeister

By now many of our readers will be familiar with the case of Sharisa Joy Kochmeisters, who was removed from her family’s care against her will. Her human rights were removed and she was subsequent placed into an entirely unsuitable care facility for patients with Dementia. Sharisa had her own legal guardianship, but has had it taken away by Jefferson County Colorado.

Until now the exact details of what  happened to ...

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Remembering the Amazing

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Remembering The Amazing.

As an autistic mother to wonderful neurodiverse autistic children I keep a keen eye on articles on social media and there are many positive wonderful blogs out there, ones that celebrate and promote acceptance and pride in autistics and autistic life.

Wonderful humorous and often heart rendering accounts of life with a spectrum child, the love and challenges listed with a respect to the child and all involved.

Occasionally though, there ...

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