Do They Really Represent Autistic People?

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The National Autistic Society ….Do They Really Represent Autistic’s?

‘We are the UK’s largest provider of specialist autism services. Our trained staff and volunteers bring passion and expertise to the lives of 100,000 people living with autism every year.’

‘Living is easy with eyes closed, misunderstanding all you see.’ By the Beatles, Strawberry Fields.

Yet the NAS refuse to acknowledge the obvious and desperate need for legislation against fake autism cures here in the UK ...

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The Media, The NAS and Parent Bloggers shutdown Autistic voice on Victoria Derbyshire Show

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The media have exposed a horrific report regarding a 4 year old Autistic boy living in the UK.

Emma Dalmayne and I have read the full Case Report issued by the Doctors who treated this child.

This little boy was rushed to hospital with serious life threatening symptoms!

He was on a cocktail of different unregulated, unproven and dangerous products!

All prescribed by a QUACK!

He was on dangerous doses of Calcium Magnesium Citrate, dangerous doses of Vitamin D, Camels Milk, AFP Enzymes, ...

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Exposing Abuse and Quackery Again!

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Often when campaigning against harmful and dangerous treatments a lot of stealth is required. Previously Emma and Fiona O’leary worked to expose the MMS and worked with media outlets in secret to expose Leonardo Edwards and others of his ilk.

Over the last several months they have again been working in stealth with the BBC to expose another terrible and dangerous treatment perpetrated against autistic people.

Please read the linked story at BBC‘s site and take the time to watch these youtube ...

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It Wasn’t Harrys Time.

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It Wasn’t Harrys Time.


You may have seen the posts on Facebook about the untimely death of four year old Harry  due to medical neglect.

I’ve been meaning to delve deeper, to inquire of the attitude of the hospital, the despair and courage of Harry’s family.

Yet still I have the devastating knowledge that no matter what the outcome of investigations, no matter what the compensation this family receive, this little boy died at the wrong time.

Harry was a happy fun loving little ...

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To those who say they hate autism…. – By Rosemarie Carreiro

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To those who say they hate autism….

You say it loud and clearly that you hate, resent, and even despise autism.

That you hate autism for robbing your child of a normal life.

That you hate autism for not giving your child a voice.

That autism took everything good away from you…like your holiday gatherings, your

vacations, your friends, your family, even your spouse.

To you that was all autism.

You will also state that your child may have autism but it’s not who they are.

You will ...

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Get the camera out…

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Get The Camera Out….


My names Lauren and I am autistic. I also have learning difficulties and hearing loss in my

right ear.

My schools great, you know? They try and include me in everything, there’s the usual tier

system of popular girls and boys, great clothes and own car as soon as they leave school.

They are all off to high entrance fee Universities which is great for them.

I’ll be going into a special ed programme learning life skills, I am, however gifted in ...

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