Autism Acceptance, We Deserve At Least That

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Autistic, not with autism. That’s the first thing, always the first thing.

The Word Autistic And Its Meaning.

Wording is very important.

And in my opinion:

This person ‘has’ autism.

These people ‘have’ autism.

This child ‘with’ autism.

Implies its external, has been gained and suggests a medical condition.

It’s not a medical condition.

As you can get Cancer and have it.

You can get Pneumonia and have it.

You cannot ‘get’ autism therefore ...

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Moving forward while glancing back…

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Parents often ask with concern why when their child has made a gain of some kind in development do they seem to reverse in others ?


As an Autistic I can tell you that if your child has for instance become toilet trained recently they may revert to a previous special interest or sensory seeking behavior for comfort and reassurance.


There’s nothing wrong with that in fact it makes perfect sense, any progress is still a change even if it is good, ...

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