Seller of ‘miracle cure’ for cancer and HIV sold ‘potentially harmful chemicals used in bleach’

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Leonardo Edwards was filmed by the BBC selling the so-called “health items” to a reporter posing as a relative of an autistic child.

Leonardo Edwards' Healing Space

Selling: Leonardo Edwards’ Healing Space website advertises products

A man who sells solutions advertised to cure diseases like cancer and HIV has been accused of distributing potentially harmful chemicals used in household bleach.

Leonardo Edwards has a website called Leonardo’s Healing Space on which he sells so-called “health items” including chlorine dioxide solution, citric acid ‘activator’ and hydrochloric acid ‘activator’.

All of these can be dangerous if consumed by humans, reports Get West London.

Mr Edwards was filmed by the BBC selling the chemicals to a reporter posing as a relative of an autistic child.

Combined, the chemicals form bleach, but footage shows Mr Edwards claiming it can “purge” autism, HIV, cancer, arthritis and Alzeimer’s.

Campaigner Emma Dalmayne, 39, who used to live in South Acton but now lives in Plumstead, is fighting against such products being sold.

She claims they can cause seizures, vomiting, rashes, among many other health problems.

She says the products are sold for between £29.99 and £49.99 and there are conferences people can go to costing £285 which teach them how to make this solution.

Dalmayne said a closed Facebook group called CD Autism (chlorine dioxide) is made up of parents discussing the products for their children and claims Mr Edwards says he can ship chlorine dioxide to people.

The tagline on the group is: ‘Solving the Puzzle One…Drop…at a Time’ and the cover photo says ‘185 children now recovered from autism… and counting’.

Leonardo’s Healing SpaceLeonardo Edwards' Healing Space
Danger: When combined, some of the chemicals sold can form bleach

Ms Dalmayne, who has aspergers and runs a support group for people with autism, said: “’Miracle Mineral Solution’ is 28% sodium chlorite (household bleach), mixed with citric acid, it makes chlorine dioxide. You can only buy it online.

“Leonardo was previously exposed on the One Show making it and saying you can use it for Ebola, HIV, Hepatitis B and cancer.

“They [parents on the Facebook group] are administering it in enema form [administering a liquid through the rectum], straight up into the colon.

“It can cause seizures, rashes, vomiting, nose bleeds, diarrhoea and kidney problems.

“People [on the Facebook group] are saying ‘my child can’t walk’, ‘they are holding their stomach’.”

On a website called Leonardo’s Healing Space, he writes: “This is a place to provide effective Natural Health items suited to certain Healing Protocols found online, which may use CD, MMS and CDS.

“I seek alternative health items that are the most effective and I use them personally and in helping others.

“I do not offer any claims and prefer the people to educate themselves on the uses of the products found here.

“This is a path to empowerment and self improvement.”

Get West LondonEmma Delmayne
Campaigner: Emma Delmayne runs a support group for people with autism

On a Youtube video by Leon Edwards, his testimonial says: “In 2010 I saw a post on Facebook about MMS – Master Mineral Solution I began to read about it and it took over my life studying everything I could find on it.

“I then brought some and very quickly (around a week) the arthritis in my knee completely disappeared! I have had no symptoms ever since.”

“I then learnt Jim Humble was running seminars in the Dominican Republic to learn how to make MMS at home how to treat others and myself. So I travelled over there in February 2011.

“I spoke to Jim and he got a humidifier and put MMS in it and told me to breathe in two breaths which I did and he said come back tomorrow and breathe in three breaths which I did and in five breaths and two days I went from being very sick to completely healed it was miraculous.”

Edwards has an open Facebook group called MMS England with more than 1,700 members.

As well as various solutions, ‘enema items’ including syringes are on sale on the Leonardo’s Healing Space site.

Mr Edwards refused to comment when contacted by Get West London.

There is no suggestion that what Mr Edwards is doing is illegal.

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