No More Darkness

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No More Darkness – Rosemarie Carreiro

I had my light. I remember it well
My light shined ever so brightly
It shined with pride
It shined with acceptance
It shined with love
Every time you looked into my eyes
I saw my light in yours.
Then the darkness arrived
My light was gone.
My light had been taken
I sat in the dark and I waited
Waited for it to be given back
Waited for the right time
Waited for the right way
I am here in the corner looking out at you.
I am here waiting for that time, where I can
Step out into the light
And shine.
I can shine if you give me a chance
If you give me my place of acceptance
If you take my hand with love
If you look at me with pride…
I am ready to be free…after all,
…that darkness was yours not mine

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