The Media, The NAS and Parent Bloggers shutdown Autistic voice on Victoria Derbyshire Show

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The media have exposed a horrific report regarding a 4 year old Autistic boy living in the UK.

Emma Dalmayne and I have read the full Case Report issued by the Doctors who treated this child.

This little boy was rushed to hospital with serious life threatening symptoms!

He was on a cocktail of different unregulated, unproven and dangerous products!

All prescribed by a QUACK!

He was on dangerous doses of Calcium Magnesium Citrate, dangerous doses of Vitamin D, Camels Milk, AFP Enzymes, ...

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Meltdowns And Privacy

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As an autistic and mother of autistic children I once allowed my now ex partner to discreetly film my sons meltdown.

In the three minute video I was hit thirty three times, my sons distress was complete and it was heartbreaking to see.

The short was shown to the paed (with no volume and without my sons knowledge) to show the level of his distress in ...

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