The Dark Side Of FB ‘Support’ Groups.

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The Dark Side of Advocacy – Bill Appleton

I’m a member of two FB Autism Support groups. One UK based, secret, administrated 24/7 by a dedicated worldwide team, and the other one.

The other one doesn’t have a great reputation in the Autistic Community, being known as “Hell Group” by many, “The Big Group” by some.  I call it The Dark Side. It’s not a nice place if you’re an Autistic Adult with an opinion, an argument or experience ...

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A Beautiful Spectrum

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IMG_5642by Delaine Swearman

When I hear the word “spectrum”, I immediately think of rainbow.  Actually, the word spectrum was originally used to describe the rainbow of colors formed by the separation of visible light. Over time, the word has been applied more broadly to describe a continuum with a unifying theme between two extremes.

So, we come to the autism spectrum.  We are all persons ...

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Statement about MMS from Autism Research Institute

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May 12, 2015

Concerned about reports of negative side effects from a treatment called MMS, ARI reached out to a scientist and a handful of clinicians and asked them to share their thoughts. Their response:

We recognize the urgency parents may feel when confronted with a diagnosis of autism, which may lead them to undertake desperate treatments such as Miracle Mineral Solution (MMS, a.k.a. CD for chlorine dioxide, or ASEA). Any medical treatment that uses “Miracle” on its label raises serious questions ...

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It didn’t Matter at All

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By Annette Bragg.

Honey and Tom
Went for a walk.
Honey was small and Tom couldn’t talk.

They wandered through
The forest
Honey chattered non stop
My favourite horse is ainsley
He goes clip clop, clip clop

Tom smiled at honey
And followed along.
He inspected the trees
And the ground they walked on

They walked through the trees
And climbed over a wall
They didn’t notice
Night beginning to fall.

The walked and they walked,
Until honey said
“We’d better ...

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A Mothers Opinion of Autism Treatments

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An Unqualified Mother’s opinion of Autism Treatments

An Autism diagnosis can be ...

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Full Circle

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How well do you know your own neuro-type? 

Recently I was having a nice discussion with my friend and fellow blogger Rich, of Neuortypical? No Way! , we have been talking about doing some writing together and have a project on the burner. I was taking my break at work, which is a great time for us to chat, since we live on opposite sides of the Earth and our time zones don’t work well together (see, not everything about working nights ...

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Social Skills- Are they all they’re cracked up to be?

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This article originally appeared as What About Social Skills at – Written by Richard Johnson Âû


members-42918_1280Common process for young Autistic children is for them to head off to an occupational therapist, speech therapist or a team based social skills group program. Clearly this is a preferable option to an ABA program of compliance training and applied behaviour modification therapy delivered for hours on end as if it was dog training.

Generally it ...

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