Parasites, what do they actually look like?

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According to the “Angel” Kerri Rivera and her book ‘Healing the symptoms known as Autism’ parasites are the cause of autism, and using chlorine dioxide which is used to clean swimming pools can flush them out. How? By flushing CD otherwise touted as Patriot Water or Miracle Mineral Solution mixed with purified water straight up into the colon in an enema or given orally. This, she says will cure your child’s neurological make up thus ridding them of autism which many parents see as an inconvenience.

There’s no disputing that parasites exist as the following links show BUT what’s being lost, no taken from these children is bowel mucus and lining not parasites.

The tragedy being that as you can see in the attached screenshots from the closed group CD Autism, the things that are being photographed and put up are plainly not parasites.

They are the lining of the children’s bowel. Parents put these pictures up proclaiming that they are worms and boast over the size of their own children’s detached bowel lining

The admins, one being Rivera advise them on their worries which range from “My child’s lips are turning blue, my child can’t walk” and most memorably “ My child has turned yellow”.

They are advised not to seek medical help, not to give the children paracetamol and never to confide in a health professional or social worker what they are dong to their children.

If this can show at least one of these deluded souls that what they are reaping from their children after they held them down and flushed bleach up them is not parasites then I’ll have done my job here today.

Oh and me? I’m an autistic adult, with autistic children. I will show you what parasites, real parasites look like and you will see the difference.

I’ll  show you look at the screenshots………..


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  1. Jules Curtis Akers  September 7, 2015

    Want some more pictures of parasites? Easy! Just type Kerry Riveras into google images!

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