Open letter to Amanda Mary Jewell

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Dear Amanda Mary,
I will tell you from the off this is a transparent email and if you reply you are giving me the right to print and share your response.
I am writing an article on the threats you have made to Fiona Oleary.
I have seen the emails exchanged and wish to draw your attention to the fact that you stated to me you were not in agreement with Kerri Rivera’s protocol of enema abuse against autistics. Yet I have seen you promote her? Stating she can heal autism.
I have seen you state that GcMAF can cure autism.
I have seen and heard you say that because Fiona has Aspergers she has no empathy is incapable of making informed decisions and have accused her of being a ‘people killer’.

You have accused her of mistreating her children and causing them sickness.
You have openly and repeatedly abused an autistic woman siting her to be unfit, you have sited her autism as the cause.

If you were her boss you could be taken to court and sued for discrimination.
I also as a member of the public wish to see proof of a medical qualification as you stated you are a cancer researcher and have been for the last fifteen years.

Again be aware that any answer you give I will be using as a permission to print and put out.
Thank you


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