It didn’t Matter at All

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By Annette Bragg.

Honey and Tom
Went for a walk.
Honey was small and Tom couldn’t talk.

They wandered through
The forest
Honey chattered non stop
My favourite horse is ainsley
He goes clip clop, clip clop

Tom smiled at honey
And followed along.
He inspected the trees
And the ground they walked on

They walked through the trees
And climbed over a wall
They didn’t notice
Night beginning to fall.

The walked and they walked,
Until honey said
“We’d better go home,Tom.
It’s time for bed”

But they looked at the trees
And they looked at the floor.
Honey whispered
I don’t know the way anymore.

Oh Tom. She squeaked
Oh no.
I just can’t remember
Which way to go.

Tom had a giggle
and took hold of her hand.
He wasn’t worried.
He had it all planned.

He showed her the things
He had seen on his stroll.
The stones and the logs
And the trees that were tall.

They walked through the trees
And climbed over a wall.

Tom couldn’t talk.
It didn’t matter at all xx

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