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Get The Camera Out….


My names Lauren and I am autistic. I also have learning difficulties and hearing loss in my

right ear.

My schools great, you know? They try and include me in everything, there’s the usual tier

system of popular girls and boys, great clothes and own car as soon as they leave school.

They are all off to high entrance fee Universities which is great for them.

I’ll be going into a special ed programme learning life skills, I am, however gifted in English

and an excellent writer.

In fact Becky, the head cheerleader has been coming to me for help with her assignments

for over a year, it’s our secret! We don’t say hello in the hallways at school as that’s not how

it is but due to my help Becky will be getting a top result in her exams later this year, how

cool is that?!

Becky goes out with Chadwick. Chad ( as I secretly call him) is a real hunk, a top football

player in our school. Teeth so white they outshine the sun and tanned to a good healthy

shade of beige.

I have a boyfriend, he’s in my class, a lovely boy named Ben. He’s my kind of handsome with

the most expressive eyes I’ve ever seen on a man. He is also Autistic and has Down

Syndrome, we’ve been together for over a year and one day we would like to get married.

With support we can do well , we may just need help with budgeting as I love a pretty pair

of shoes!

Anyway, Ben asked me to the prom! Yay me! Mama took me to a nice dress shop, they

actually make bridal gowns there and are making me the most beautiful golden creation

which I designed myself I can’t wait to try it on!


Sorry I didn’t write yesterday but something happened, something really weird !

Ok so I’m in the canteen getting lunch and making my way to sit with Ben when everyone

gets their phones out……

A camera crew come in from behind the kitchen counters and come towards me and

suddenly Chadwick is there in his football kit, and he’s holding out a bright orange and to be

honest hideous corsage…

He’s talking and everyone’s cheering I can’t hear what he’s saying!


He’s got a microphone now it’s ok…..

“ Lauren, I know we’ve never spoken”, Chad says with a dazzling smile and leaning

downwards, “ But I wondered if you would like to come to the prom with me?”.

Chad smiles confidently and Becky beams, a teacher is sobbing quietly to my right.

I look over at Ben and he has his face in his hands, rocking to regulate himself.

I turn back to Chad, clear my throat and someone cheers, and I say loudly “Why?”….

They didn’t expect that.

Becky gapes and Chad looks awkward, “Why Chadwick why would you want to go to the

prom with me?”.

Chadwicks smile is looking strained and someone mutters “Should be bloody grateful!”.

I walk over to the table where Ben sits and say loudly with my hand on his shoulder,

“ Thank you but I already have a date, sorry to disappoint you Chad. My dress is being made

now and it looks like you were sure I would say yes, you assumed I would, everyone


The crowd started dispersing with the tearful teacher shooting me daggers.

Then I sat down next to Ben and opened my fruit cup.

Chad swore pretty bad and stormed off, the geek squad were in raptures uploading to

Facebook and Ben? He said “ Why Lauren? Chad is a nice boy I know you liked him.”

I laughed and said “Ben, seriously? He could never keep up with my shoe habit plus….I’m

learning how to cook pasta tomorrow at group so I can teach you to cook to when we are

married. There’s a big difference between like and love, and I love you.”


Lauren and Ben would have a great time at the prom if they existed.

They would not to be filmed and put all over social al media, no one would be patting them

on the back and telling them how great It is that they got to go with each other.

This was written by me after seeing a video of a cheerleader asking an AUTISTIC BOY to the

prom! That’s how it’s titled, like BIGFOOT was spotted in Tesco’s buying a mixed salad.

The reaction to this video by the autistic community has been anger, yet again filmed and

paraded. Would this have happened had the request been completely genuine?

Now correct me if I’m wrong, and this cheerleader fancies the student, wants a relationship

even then I’ll shut up, shit I’ll apologise.

The videos I’ve linked here show a common theme.

Isn’t this person wonderful to ask this special,ed student to the prom?

So wonderful in fact we had to film it, because it’s heart warming.

How does the individual feel?

How would you feel?

Think about it….

What if the day after the prom this student wants relationship with the person who invited

them? After all why wouldn’t they they asked them to the prom right? They picked them

when they could have picked ANYONE!

Who’s going to explain that it was an act of ………you fill in the blanks with what you choose.

Acceptance not awareness.

Inclusion always not just for a so called ‘feel good’ story.

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