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Fantastically Autistic


An exciting new charitable organisation is blooming that promotes autistic rights, helps families with advice and therapeutic aids and I am proud to say I am on board!


I caught up with creator Dominque Burnett who’s brainchild got the ball rolling on what looks like will be an amazing venture which will benefit many a family and autistic individual.

I asked Dominique what gave her the idea and incentive to start of this remarkable venture.


“ Being a mother of 3 autistic children I have gone through more than my fair share of struggles just trying to find services. Trying to find useful information and aids that promoted a happy healthy life for my children. Everywhere I turned, I was slammed in the face with how wrong my children were for being themselves.


After joining a wonderful support group on Facebook, I learned so much. I was finally surrounded with “My” people. Those who understood and recognised the true blessing of autism. Once I was full immersed in this community I learned I was not the only one who struggled. So many families could not get basic needs met for their children. Adult autistics were stuck in abusive situations because there was nowhere else for them to go. No one offering helpful resources for them to live independently or at the very least in assisted living”.


This charity I believe is badly needed, starting of in its planning stages in the USA where the only charitable help is given by organisations promoting ABA and cure propaganda this venture will be different in that there are autistics on board with neurotypicals and we will stand for a positive fully inclusive ethos with the following mission statement.


Fantastically Autistic


Mission statement:


We recognise that autistic individuals are not supported as strongly as they should be. Autistics  are not accepted or included when it comes to their care. It is our mission to provide support, aid, advocacy, sensory aids, protective gear, and resources for families and autistic adults. Education is the key to acceptance and inclusivity.


Our main focus points


   Small grants directly to families in need.


   Sensory aids offered at no cost


   Support groups


   Adult advocates




   Helpful information


   Computer and tablet donations


   Educational tools for parents




   Advocacy in any capacity  that we are capable




Our aim is to improve the overall quality of life for individuals on the autism spectrum. Improving the way individuals on the spectrum are perceived,by listening to those very individuals and having members of the board represent the autistic community by being autistic themselves. Remove the stigma and make way for success, inclusivity, and acceptance.




Adult services


Providing autistics over the age of 18 with resources to live independently.


Life skills training courses that will provide skills necessary for independent living.


Outreach to local businesses to find successful employment for ASD adults.


Community courses educating neighbours, family, and future employers on skills to provide a healthy, empowering environment.


Links to adult services geared towards autistics.


Provide sensory tools that allow autistics  to self sooth and manage through stressful situations.


Computers donated to individuals that will allow them to further their education and effectively communicate with necessary resources.


Teen Services


Develop a autistic teen peer group, where teens can meet and get to know others like themselves.


Provide links to counselling to better prepare them for adulthood.


Provide information on reliable, effective parent advocates for IEP and 504 meetings.


Sensory workshops with a licensed Occupational Therapist.


Coping equipment offered at no cost, e.g., ear defenders, weighted gear, protective gear.


Social workshops focused on improving teens confidence in social situations.


Adolescent Services


Sensory workshops with a licensed Occupational Therapist.


Help with local resources in recreational settings.


Computer donation for homeschooled ASD families.


Coping equipment offered at no cost, e.g., ear defenders, weighted gear, sensory bins.


Monthly grants given to families in need for vital necessities, e.g., transportation, respite care, therapies.


Parent Services


Educational material focusing on promoting a healthy self image for your autistic child/children.


Resources for local support groups in your area.


Workshops on how to help your child through a meltdown and how to help prevent them.


Literature on understanding autism and acceptance leading to empowerment.


Sensory workshops with a licensed Occupational Therapist.




Improved knowledge of autistic people


Adult individuals on the spectrum receive vital resources for independent living


Autistic households are better equipped to provide healthy aid for autistic individuals within the household


Unity within the Autistic community


Continuing growth in proper education about the Autism Spectrum


Preventing damaging and life threatening procedures through education and support.


Keep your eye on Fantastically Autistic,  the future gleams bright!

Fantastically Autistic

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