Autistic Children And Special Interests.

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Autistic Children And Special Interests.

Does your child have a special interest?

Maybe they collect model cars, stamps or buttons?

I have noticed articles on the ‘ harm’ of autistics in general be they children or adults having special interests. They claim that they should be discouraged as they are ‘ obsessive’ and a ‘ fixation’.

I’m not denying that we can become rather embroiled and passionate about our hobbies and Collections but it would be better to work with us and indeed encourage our divertissements then attempt to remove them from us.

I have had many different collections including:

  • Bird Watching books
  • Enid Blyton books
  • Comics
  • Marilyn Monroe memorabilia
  • Coloured glasses and glass ornaments
  • Eminem memorabilia
  • Martina Cole books
  • Handbags
  • Earrings
  • And most recently bottle tops.

Why? Why not?

We have these interests to make sense of the world and our environment. They are there to make us feel safe, they are predictable solid accumulations that we gather steadily. We assemble them proudly and reserve them to look at feel and cherish. An amassment of a favourite genre of collectives is nothing to worry about.

It is of concern if it infringes on family outing for example, your child may fixate on whether they can get an item for their collection while out to the exclusion of all other enjoyment.

The explanation for that is that one thing is the safe. It’s the predictable and they know no matter what if they can focus on that one thing, and they get it then it’s all going to be alright.

It will all make sense.

Because they have it.

Work with the interest not against it.

If your child’s interest is Minecraft realise that it’s good for strategising, hand eye co ordination and pre emption.

If it’s football they are learning number recognition, turn taking, rules and different countries kits and flags.

It may be Thomas the tank engine or Hot wheel cars which are brilliant for fine manipulation and Colour recognition plus recollection of names so aids memory skills.

If your child, like mine keeps all packaging and everything in its box look on the bright side. It may one day be worth a fortune!

My son hoards plastic eggs, kinder eggs, soccer starz footballers and magazines.

All has to stay unopened, until such time when a big change has taken place.

12179910_1650340135245097_1704254408_nLast one was he started seeing a new tutor, such was his relief that she was nice he came home and opened all of his 61 Disney Cars in one go!

My sons explanation for this is in his words:

“ Once it’s open its not the same, you can’t put it back.”

My son hoards plastic eggs, kinder eggs, soccer starz footballers and magazines.

What does your child amass?

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