An Interview With an Autistic Ex User Of CD.

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The interviewee wishes to remain anonymous.


I am in many Facebook groups which promote the Chlorine Dioxide (CD) protocol. Not to use it myself but to catch people using it on vulnerable adults and children. These children are usually autistic though we have seen CD touted to cure Down Syndrome, Cystic Fibrosis and Cerebral Palsy.


Parents are being told that parasites are causing their children’s conditions, mainly by a woman   named Kerri Rivera who has written a book called Healing The Symptoms ...

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Seeking A Thrill…

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I’ve many times given advice on sensory seeking behaviours in autistic children, how to aid them and why they may occur.

While explaining that a child spinning for example, is seeking to feed their vestibular sense or that a child stamping their feet is gaining priopreceptive feedback from the pressure of their soles bouncing on the floor, I’ve never described how it feels.


I’m going ...

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